Initial thoughts on: Dubblefilm’s Moonstruck

So, I must confess that I have only shot the one film of Moonstruck, so this post is pretty limited I’m afraid.

What I can confirm is that I am quite pleased with how these shots came out.

If you’re not familiar with Moonstruck, it’s another repurposed film by Dubblefilm. The same company responsible of Bubblegum (see my thoughts on that one here). Essentially, they work some chemical magic with the film, which causes the colours to react in abnormal but undeniably interesting ways.

Taken during the Autumn months of October and November and having previously shot several rolls of Dubblefilms Bubblegum film, I was quite eager to see how these shots would look.

For the most part, the shots developed here had a slightly desaturated tone and yellowish tone. I’m not too sure I am keen on how it handled skin tones, but for the autumn colour I felt Moonstruck did a fantastic job of rendering the golden hues.

I’m quite eager to order another roll or two and take a camera out to a more urban environment, to see how it behaves in those conditions. Naturally, with it being Autumn and the light be pretty poor, I’d be interested to see how it performs on a sunnier day.

Anyhow, on the whole I am intrigued by Moonstruck. I’ll definitely be ordering some more in the New Year.

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