So, just a quick post today. I recently took part in the #FP4Party on twitter, which you can read more about and follow on Twitter, here.

Earlier this year, I decided that I needed to get back in the habit of shooting film. So whenever an opportunity comes up, I’m gonna try my best to grab it.

Anyhow, Ilford FP4 – not a film I’ve shot often enough really. I accidently fired the roll off, with the camera set to ISO 320, so when I got it developed, I had to ask the developers to push several stops.

I only bought the one roll and I really wanted to break things up a bit with different styles, so opted for 35mm instead of medium format.

The first batch of the roll was a couple of landscape shots, taken in and around at Nonsuch Park in Surrey. There’s also an urban landscape shot taken in nearby Sutton (not really known for it’s landscapes).

The second batch, were mostly portraits – using LED lights and a broken 80mm f2.0 lens (which is stuck at f2.0).

The final batch were just a group of family snaps I guess, of my kids playing around at the local park.

Below is a selection of my favourites.

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