Looking back on 2016: Film

So 2016 was a busy one – looking back at my own personal photographs, it quite hard to pick a few favourites.

Partly, this is because I spent so much of 2016 photographing weddings and the other reason is, when I did get some spare time, I spent most of it learning new tricks and experimenting with film photography.

One of the things I spent quite a bit of time getting my head around this year was learning how to develop my own film. I’m not sure what exactly spurred me on to do this, but I suspect it was the guys on the Sunny 16 podcast.

Regardless, thank you whoever it was – learning to develop film has easily been a highlight for me this year and I’m looking forward to developing much more of the stuff in 2017.  Hopefully, I’ll also be incorporating the process into more of my wedding work and various projects I’ve got knocking around.  I’ve already developed one portrait in my ongoing #120faces project.

I also decided to invest in some decent film cameras this year – namely the Nikon FM2n and a Bronica ETRS – something I’ve been meaning to do for a little while.  The less said about the Hanimex, the better.

I also found some enthusiasm for the old Polaroid format (more on that here).  While the Impossible Project film is both expensive and unpredictable in it’s nature, it’s certainly a lot of fun and has re-ignited my love for instant film.

Personally, I can’t wait for the new square format Fuji Instax coming out next year – a product that made my wishlist as soon as it was announced.

Anyway, below is a selection of some of my favourite photos taken on various rolls of film through out the year.

The Nikon FM2n, my go-to 35mm film camera of 2016.

Dad | Nikon FM2n | 85mm lens | Ilford HP5 pushed 2 stops

Elliott drinks | Nikon FM2n | 85mm lens | Ilford HP5 pushed 2 stops

Saskia | Nikon FM2n | 85mm lens | Ilford HP5

Katie and Alice | Bronica ETRS | 75mm lens | Ilford HP5

Candles | Nikon FM2n | 85mm lens | Ilford HP5 pushed 2 stops

Beth | Yashica Mat 124g | 80mm lens | Kodak Portra 400

All in the Mind | Nikon FM2n | 85mm lens | Lomography 400

Elyse | Nikon FM2n | 50mm lens | Lomography 400

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