Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of joining a number of other photographers on a photo walk through London’s West End.

Organised by Ade and the others at the Sunny 16 Podcast, it was a real pleasure to be involved and meet some familiar faces and along with some new ones.

The weather forecast was of course, torrential rain, so naturally I wrapped up warm and brought the only weather resistant combo I currently own – the Fujifilm GFX50R with the 63mm lens. Ideally I would’ve preferred something a lot lighter and wider, but none-the-less, this provided a good testing ground – as aside from weddings it’s not a camera that I have really put through it’s paces.

With most shots taken at 8000-10000 ISO, I have to say the results are pretty solid. While none of these shots are amazing pieces of art, it is also reassuring that I can rely on this camera should the heavens fall while I am out on an assignment.

A selection of my favourite images are below.

Lost Clown Chasing Light Rain down in Carnaby Street Walking to Carnaby Street Taxi driving through the rain China Town Finding shelter West End

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