Cold and frosty morning at Richmond Park

It’s been a busy few weeks with editing, but I have managed to squeeze in a morning trip to Richmond Park.

I have heard good things about Richmond Park, that it is quite a spectacular place to visit at dawn, so I’ve been meaning to get there for quite a while.

So a few weekends ago, after weeks of telling people that I was gonna do it, I woke up on a Sunday morning at 6.00am and decided that I would pay a visit to the Royal Park. As I drove along the A3, it was just a regular murky morning in south west London. Bit disappointing, I thought to myself, but I persevered anyway, in the hope that it might be worth while.

As I drove in through the Roehampton gate, I was astounded at how misty it was.

“Excellent”, I thought to myself.

I decided that the best place to park would be somewhere in the centre, so I plotted my course and let the Google Maps app direct me to the car park near the ponds/lake.

As I was driving along, the morning fog was still lingering and I noticed nested away in the distance was a herd of deer. As luck would have it, the car park wasn’t too far away. So I parked the car and made my way over to them.

Naturally, I wanted to keep my distance, so I took brought my Nikon D7000s and both the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm lenses with me.

Here’s a number of shots I took of the deer.

As the sun rose a bit more, I decided it was time to move on and took a stroll along other areas of the park.

Here’s a selection of shots that I took before I headed off home.

I’m planning on heading back there one day in the next few weeks, and I’m strongly considering taking my Nikon FM2N and a 400mm Vivitar lens.

Anyhow, if you like these images, you can purchase prints here.

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