For my sins, one podcast that I listen to on a regular basis is the Sunny 16 Show.

Featuring Ade and Graeme, the podcast takes a light-hearted look at the world of analog photography and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.  Aside from the banter of the ever sarcastic Graeme and the ever suffering Ade, they are real advocates of all things film related – from old expired film to large format and Fuji Instax.

However, one of things that they should be commended for is how they encourage their listeners to take part in the show through various assignments, such as their Cheap Camera Challenge.

Earlier this year, they asked their listeners to go out and buy a camera for as cheap as they could find and then go out and take a photograph of a subject (I think they picked their subjects from  I think the budget they set was £25.

With this in mind, I headed off to the local charity store and treated myself to a Polaroid 600 AF, all for the price of £5.  I then ordered some Impossible Project film online.

The subject that was selected that month was street photography, not the most ideal when you are taking photographs with a blue monolithic piece of plastic, that fires off a flash regardless of your settings, but not to be deterred I took the camera with me during a family trip to Cheddar in Somerset.

As you can see, the majority of these are not really street photography – I’d consider them more as family holiday snaps, but hey ho, who is complaining.  For an experiment, it was fun to take part.

I wasn’t aware that Impossible Project film needed darkness and 40 minutes to develop (so not really that instant).  So with each shot, I was quickly popping the photograph into my pocket.  I’m not sure whether those few seconds of exposure led to the slight colour distortion in these images, or whether that is just what Impossible Project film does.  None the less, I’m still quite fond of these images.

Little did I know that there would be more assignments in the future (I probably wasn’t listening properly at the time!).  So while my camera was a cracking and amazingly cheap find (have you seen how much Polaroid cameras go for?), I wasn’t quite aware of how costly the film would be, so it probably wasn’t the wisest choice.

None the less, I’m going to persevere with it.  The next assignment in the Cheap Camera Challenge has been set – Animals. This could be a bit of a challenge, since we have no pets – I may just have to stalk my neighbours cat or something.

Anyway, more film has been ordered and once I have some shots, I shall be sure to share them on here.

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